Description Mrs.Foster

I met Mrs.Foster 2 years ag, we are neighbours. I came to this neighbourhood and I saw her satanding out side of my new house ans she say me that she has cooked a pie for me.

I think that she has curly hair, an oval face, white hair, hollow eyes, thick lips, pole complexion, wrinkled face and she is crook. Mrs.Foster always wears yellow dresses, formal shoes, beutiful jewerly and an old pair of glasses.

She is very anxious, obsesive, loyal, elegant, respectful, inteligent, samrt, impatient, pesimistic and also helpful. Mrs.Foster loves reading novels, to weave, visit her daughter, plays carts games, however, she doesn’t like going to the club with her husband.

In addition, I think that she is a beautiful woman, very pretty and also friendly. Since the day I moved in, we were very good friends. I love seeing her when she is reading her favorite novel.

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