Song by Lady Mary Wroth

Watch this video and the presentation, take notes and then answer the following questions

1-Who is the voice?

2-Write a summary for each stanza.

3-What is the theme? And the tone?

4-Find at least 3 literary devices and explain them.

5-In your opinion, which is the most powerful line?

6-Do you agree with the speaker? Give reasons


1- The voice of the poem is a woman that describes the men in her time and give warnings.

2- Stanza 1: In the first stanza the author that is compearing men and child and if they behaved around woman.

Stanza 2: This stanza we can see how is explaning that men can not be trusted because they are liars.In the stanza 1 the author wanted to show how men and child behave around woman.

Stanza 3: In this stanza the voice is talking about when you are in love and you can’t trust men because love abandone and he will leave you alone.

Stanza 4: In this stanza is focusing in men and what he do for example, starting fights. Also is saying that thay would never be allow to please woman.

Stanza 5: In this stanza is compering men with animals and also that they can change and not be so evil

3- I could find two themes from this poem that are love and men actions and also I could find two tones that are warning, confident and advising.

4- First of all, Personification: shows how love can be ungrateful for example in the first stanza, “LOVE, a child”, the second Metaphor: because in the first stanza of the poem is saying “LOVE, a child, is ever crying” . The third and last one is Simile: “Not seek him so given to fly” here the speaker is saying how you leave love alone as you would live a child alone.

5- In my opinion the most important line of all the poem is this quote: “He vows, triumph in your wailing” because he is saying how evil and bad can be men and he will lose the woman that like him.

6- I do not personally agree with the speaker with a lot of things because I think that he has to explain more the poem in general because it have a lot to explain and express too. Also he could talk about felling.






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