Language Test : Tenses

Language Test

Senior 3


Write a paragraph (80-90 words) saying what has happened to the male character. Use a variety of tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect and conditional type 3. Then look for an example of:

Simple Past:

Past Continuous:

Past Perfect:

Conditional type 3:


In this extract from Once upon  a time, the woman is telling the boy the true story about the moment when she found him. She said that while she was in the road, she remembered that she forgot the phone on the office but the woman did not give importance to the phone. However, something made her return to the office, this means that if she had not forgotten the phone she wouldn’t had been driving at that time. In the road she saw a man who was unconscious freezing in  the side of the road. Then she drove him to the doctor, who said that if ten minutes had passed, he would had been dead.
upon a time, the girl is



Write a paragraph (summary) of 80- 90 words of the story The Escape. Answer the questions in a paragraph. Include a variety of tenses: simple past- past perfect- past continuous and present perfect.

       What is the story about? What are the main events in the story, and how are they
related to each other?
    Are the main events of the story arranged chronologically, or are they arranged in
another way?

What are the conflicts in the plot? Are they physical, intellectual, moral or
emotional? Are they resolved? How are they resolved? Is the main conflict between
good and evil sharply differentiated, or is it more subtle and complex?
    What is the climax of the story and at what point in the story does the climax occur?

What is the setting of the story?

Who is/are the main character(s) in the story? What does the main character look
Describe the main character’s situation. Where does he/she live? Does he/she live alone or with others? What does the main character do for a living, or is he/she
dependent on others for support?
What are some of the chief characteristics (personality traits) of the character?

What point of view does the story use? Is the story told from a first-person
perspective, in which the narrator is one of the characters in the story, and refers to
himself or herself as “I”? Or is the story told from a third-person perspective, in which
the narrator is not one of the characters in the story or may not participate in the
events of the story?
Is it consistent in its use of this point of view? If shifts are made, are they justified?
What are the advantages of the chosen point of view?


The Gold Cadillac is a story about an African American family during the civil rights years where people, especially african american people were discriminated. Their father, Wilbert, has just bought a new Cadillac which was uncommon for people and families which can not afford them. The mother, Dee, is not comfortable and happy about this car because she wanted to buy a house in a better neighbourhood. Also, Dee is angry and refuse to get in and ride the car up to Mississippi bit then she accepted to travel.However, both girls, Wilma and Lois, loved the car which their father had recently buy because is from a upper class and is better than the one they hah. Finally, the whole family traveled to the south in the gold Cadillac to visit their relatives. On the way to Mississippi, the police stop the car and claim that this car had been stolen because it is supposed that african american had no money to buy such a car. At the end of the story, Wilbert decides to sell the car so that they can achieved that house which Dee wanted to buy. Furthermore, the story is written in first person and is from one of the characters of the story, Lois, one of the girls. Lois being the narrator of the story brings advantages, is useful because we can know the story from another perspective

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