The Clod and The Pebble

The last clase, Pato tell us to look for the Romantic Characteristics from the poem «The Clod and The Pebble»

This are the Characteristics that I found.

Pasion:  With pasion this poem Blake could not wrote this poem. The Clod said that love is good, beautiful, makes you feel happy…So this how pasion appear. 

Imagination: Nobody can make a storie, poem, song…Without a miligram of imagination you can not do nothing. Who imagin that a Clod and a Pebble can talk? Well, Blake yes. He had a lot of imagination.

Emotion: Theemotion appear when you read it. The Clod said a few sentences that includes EMOTION.

Symbolisim: It’s appear when you look at the meaning of the word and compare it. In the stanzas appear some sentences. Example: «Joys in another’s loss of ease, and builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite»

Nature: In the second stanza.The Clod and the Pebble talk and give their opinions about how is love.

Homework about Horses.

There is only one kind of horse, It is Equus Caballus, although there are 88 species of horses. For example, Andalusian, Arabian, Barb…
Before people create the machines, horses were one of the main transports. It’s call horseback.

Horses Features:

1) Flight: A horse have to defend himself because someone can hit him or something like that. They are timid too because they must be safe.


Taste: They taste if the food that they are eaten is sweet or salty. Not a substance or something strange that someone can give him.

Hearing: They have directionals ears, that listen better than human in the world. They almost have a mood indicator, that’s help them very well.

Smell: The nose help them to identificate.

Touch: It is very sensitive, especially around head because when someone climb on top they have to touch him/her.

Sight: They have a limited color, but movement is most important. Large vision and they have an horizontal Visual-head position determines visual fiel.
2) Horses. Foal
Cow. Calf
Monkey. Infant
Penguin Chick

3) Training is to have a relationship with animals but you have to be very carefully yo need to have detection, protenction and entertainment. The type of training an animal is very important. For example, a seeing wild dog will be trained to achieve a different goal than a wild animal in a circus.
I don’t agree with people that train animals for a circus, but a dog is okey because he is helping a blind man that need help. For example the Dolphins I think that they have to let him leave, he don’t have to be in a aquarium suffering.

4) Active. Beautiful Fast
Agile. Big. Gentle

1. Provide your horse with fresh clean water. Clean, water is essential for good horse care

2. Provide your horse with adequate fodder and concentrate, your horse will eat approximatly 2% to 3% of its body weight every day.

3. Provide adequate shelter and blanketing according to the weather. The design of your shelter. Horses need a place to get out of the wind and wet.

4. Do a visual check for scrapes, cuts and bruises on your horse’s legs, head and body. You should have a horse brush on hand.



Characteristics of Romanticism: Homework

7 characteristics of romanticism:

  1. Imagination. You have to be inspired and have imagination to write poems, wtitings, storys…
  2. Emotions. You need to have feellings to write because emotions us very important to complit a story.
  3. Nature. Urban life, (personification) pastoral life (culture)
  4. Pasion. Craving love for something, pasion for nature
  5. Individualism. (The imagination of a hero)

6.  Symbolism. A word can mean different things. Readers have to discover what poets/writers mean.

7. Supernatural. Beyond reality.