Essay of Passion. By Maria Roggero, Miu Montanelli and Belen Brito Peret

Essay question: Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she feels about love.

Kathleen Raine is showing different devices of romanticism. Nature is present in the poem. However, nature in this poem, means that life is full of ups and downs or storms and sunshines and also it gives her all the love and passion that she needs.

In stanza 4, the voice is starting to hear the voice of nature reaching out to her. We know this because it says “then the sky spoke to me in language clear, familiar as the heart, than love more near.” This quote shows the voice listening to nature. The phrase “a familiar voice” refers to God, this is because the familiar voice was coming from the sky and this is associated with God. He was  trying to tell her that she can not be sad all her life because of a guy. She has to go on with life no matter if you are heart broken or not. However, he also said that she already has what she needs and she is better off without her love.

In stanza 3, the voice isn’t able to express her feelings either by writing or speaking. She has lost her inspiration to do so because she is waiting for the person that she likes to call her, and since that isn’t happening she is sad. “The language I knew best, my human speech. Forsook my fingers, and out of reach”. The word “forsook” means to quit or abandon. It is put in this line to show how the motivation the voice had to write and show how she was feeling had left her body. With this the writer is trying to demonstrate how sadness can leave you speechless and not let you live a life with a meaning.

In conclusion, Kathleen Raine wanted to show that you shouldn’t be depressed if someone doesn’t like you back. To give this message to the girl in the poem, she uses nature to prove that she doesn’t need him.

La Guerra de las Islas Malvinas. Geografia

En el día de la fecha,26 de Abril, vinieron tres excombatientes de la guerra de las Islas Malvinas.

  Dialogaron sobre la paz, la reflexión y el respeto al otro. Quisieron expresar que detrás de una bandera, un soldado o la guerra hay una persona que no tenía intenciones de asesinar a alguien o en algún caso lastimar.

  El excombatiente Argentino contó que se pudieron dar cuenta que podían hablar, no importa si eran de Inglaterra o Argentina, son personas.

  Ellos sentían mucha angustia y no sabían cual bomba lo iba a matar. Soñaban con horribles pesadillas. Al final de la charla David, un excombatiente Ingles, canto una canción que esta relacionada con la guerra y se emociono por que se notaba que el sufrió durante el tramo de la guerra.