The Prison

Pato shear with a presentation that she did las year with senior 1. Then she gave us an activity:

– Find

– Theory of Determinism: He didn’t take his own desicions.

– The Theory of Rite of Passage: For example, Tommy/ Tony didn’ complete all the «steps» from Rite of Passage.

– When Rosa strangle the little girl at the end. (Foreshadowing)

Descripcion de Beth. Capitulo 5 del libro.

Crimenes imperceptibles de Guillermo Martinez.

A) Releer el final del capitulo 5.

B) Extraer 3 citas que aporten datos acerca de la personalidad de Betg

C) Escribir apartir de esa informacio, un texto de 150 palabras en el que describas a Beth (incluyendo las citas)

Beth es una chica de 29 años que gurdaba secretos, particularmente tiene uno que fue descubierto por el narrador cuando ella, delicadamente le pregunta si le podía tomar la mano hasta que se durmiera como hacía su mama. Justamente ahí pudo notar su extraño y pequeño dedo.

«Ya descubriste el peor de mis secretos-dijo Beth-. Todavia me chupo el dedo de noche.»

Luego nos habla de una conversación que tiene con el narrador en la cual ella esta muy nerviosa y se puede notar que estaba asi porque algo ocultaba.

«Sonrió de una manera temerosa, como si una batalla larga y dificil empezara a ser ganada y tomó un sorbo de su té. Me miró con gratitud por encima de la taza»

Beth también es seductora, en esta cita se puede notar que esta seduciendo al narrador.

» Se habia metido en la cama y el pelo se esparcía seductoramente sobre la almohada. El edredón la cubria casi hasta el cuello pero había dejado fuera uno de los brazos»


Language Vocabulary

In class Laura asked us to look for the significated and a image of the folowing words:

  1. Pat:  to strike gently with the hand.


  1.  To go with a horse at a speed between a walk and a run.
  2. To walk with regular steps.

Nod: To move your head up and down as a way of agreeing.

Peer: To look carefully or with difficulty

Sniff: To breathe air in through your nose in a way that makes a noise.

First History Essay Writing

Essay #1

“Naval rivalry was the main cause of WW1” How far do you agree with this statement? Explain

In this essay I’m going to explain how far I agree or not if Naval rivalry is the main cause of WW1. I’m going to consider the short and long term causes,and how they contribute to war. I should mention the short and long term causes and in which year they happened. First I’m going to start with short term causes and finally with long term causes.

In the main body I’m going to talk about the short term causes. The most important cause for me is Alliances. They contributed to war because a lot of empires made alliances with other countries to get defense, land and power. For example; in  the First Moroccan Crisis, France and Germany wanted to get Morocco so Great Britain supported France to conquer this land of North Africa, Morocco. The Murder of Sarajevo is the second most important of all the causes because it contribute for the start of the war. All started when Gavrilo Princip killed Franz Ferdinand because he was going to be the heir of Austro-Hungary. The third most important are the First and Second Moroccan Crisis. The First Moroccan Crisis is important because there started the conflict between Germany and France. They contributed a lot for WW1 because they had alliances with other countries which started arguing with each other. The second Moroccan Crisis contributed because they had internal problems in Morocco so there was a lot of tension between Germany and France. They started arguing again. Finally, France kept Morocco and Germany some land in Congo.

The Balkans Crisis is about the ethnic groups of the Austro- Hungarian and the countries inside the Balkans. There was tension, because the Austro-Hungarian didn’t want the ethnic groups inside her, to become independent. There were alliances between Great Britain & France, and Germany, Serbia Russia & Prussia, Great Britain & France, and Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire & Italy. Also, there was rivalry between Germany Russia & Serbia. Arms Race, is about  Germany’s plan for war. this plan was called “Schlieffen Plan”.

It’s leave Great Britain out of the war. Russia won and France lost “Alsace-Lorraine” and then it began tension between Great Britain & France.

I think that Naval Race contribute but not a lot, it´s  contribute with the tension that Great Britain and Germany had . They competed to see who was the more POWERFUL, and be ready in case there´s a war and scare enemies. Germany wanted to become an Established Empire.

Now I’m going to explain the long term causes, I will start with, Unification of Germany, the unification of Germany is the most important cause of all the long term causes because Germany was always trying to conquer lands and that made him enemies. The Unification of Italy it is important because Italy became an growing Empire so she treated a lot of with Empires and countries. The Franco-Prussian war was important because Germany thought it would be easy to defeat France. Finally Germany came up with the Schlieffen plan.  Germany would attack France and then Russia. Finally, Great Britain, France and Russia attacked Germany. They left Great Britain out of the war.

Alliances, some of the Alliances were the Triple Alliance, Triple Entente… there were alliances and enemies that didn’t help at all stop the WW1. They influenced to war because they helped the countries to conquer land and be more powerful of an Growing Empire.

 Growing, Decaying and Established empires: the growing empires were the Empires that wanted to have more land and territories. Decaying Empires were the Empires which were  Established and were losing power. They didn’t have any alliance and were looking to protect what they already had, they had some land.

The Established Empires were the Empires that had land and wanted to continue growing to have more power, population and land. They contributed for war in that some empires were decaying so the powerful empires could attack them.  Ethnic groups seeking independence, they wanted to start speaking their own language and have their own beliefs.

In conclusion, I think that the Naval rivalry is not the most important. All the causes are related to the war and some contributed a lot and others did not.

Christian the Lion. Writing

This is my story about how two men saved me from a little box in a supermarket. Some men wanted to sell me for five dollars. I´m a lion, a very little lion.

Now, I am a big lion, I have a very big mane and blond hair, wonder. I live in a very big house, now I have a very big garden to play. I love my new owner he plays with me and hugs me too.

When I was an adult they took me to Africa where I belonged. When we were there we started to walk in too the jungle. They let me go and thay returned to the city. One year later they returned to visit me, they took a long tome to find me but when they finally found me I started running over him and I huged him strongly. I will never forgot him, he is like my father.

Two years later they came again and I still rememberd him like when we were very young. They came to say good bye , I was very sad because I was with my new family and he came to say good bye.

Writing about friendship

Last year I had a problem with a girl. Some people told her that I had said some terrible things about her and that was not true. I told her all that happened to a friend

She is a very good friend and she told me that I had to be calm that the probles is going to be solved. She listened to all my problems and more, how I felt very good because she had listened to me.

I´m so happy that I have the opportunity to have this kind of friends that can help you when you need them.


My Best Friends

I have two best friend, they are Camila and Violeta. I met Camia in the school, she cames from another country. Her father is a diplomatic. Violeta cames from onother school and she entered school before Camila. It was very funny when I met this incredible two girls.

Camila is very tall, she has black hair, she has one beutiful smile, eyes and very fat cheeks. Viole is very different from Camila. She is very short, she has blond hair I say to her that she has frog´s eyes, beautiful lips and smile.

They are very special for me because they are very funny. Viole is nice, friendly, she helps you when you are sad and also she is pretty. Camila too but is very lazy.

Cami did acrobatics when she was younger and she likes watching netflix. Viole loves dancing, eats chocolate, sings and acts

I wish that our relationship countinues for ever and never breaks.

Interview for Michael Morphugo about War Horse

B: How do you feel when you saw Joey on stage for the first time?

M: Amazed as everyone was, because a creature so obviously made had somehow been with you. I found Joey has a different short of life from a real horse. He is not a pale imitation but rather a wonder interpretation of spirits of a horse

B: Before you write War Horse did you have much contact with horses in your life?

M: Yes, I rade for a bit and I was a very good at falling off. My daughter and my wife loved riding.

B: How did you research before writing War Horse?

M: I would never have written War Horse if I had not met three old men in my old village who had been in that war. Soy they were my answer.

B: If you had to choose, what do you prefere stage or movie?

M: I would prefer stage

B: Are the animals or characters from the movie based on real people or animals?

M: No, they aren´t based on people I knew but the idea for the story came from the people

B: If you have the opportunity to be a character of the movie, what role do you want to play?

M: I would be the horse, Joey

B: Where was War Horse filmed?

M: It was filmed in UK on 13th January 2012

B: What made you write a story about a horse?

M: I was facinated by the relation ship between humans and horses.