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Over the last twenty years, the average size of households (fall) Check answers dramatically. The number of one-person households (grow) Check answers due largely to the ageing of the population, as has the number of one-parent families. Couples having smaller families (contribute) Check answers to the fall in household size.

In 1976, 60% of families (be) Check answers couples with children. By 1996, this (fall) Check answers to 51%. Part of this change can be attributed to the increase in one-parent families with dependent children, but most of the change is due to the increase in the proportion of couple-only families. People (have) Check answers children later in life, and are living longer. Therefore, they(spend) Check answers more time living in couple-only families, both before they have families and after their children (leave)Check answers home. However, children are leaving home later. In 1981, 34% of children aged 20-24 (live)Check answers with their parents. By 1991, this (increase) Check answers to 40%. This increase has, to some extent, countered the fall in the couples with non-dependent children only.

1)Has fallen
2)Has grown
3)Have contributed
5)Has fallen
6)Are having
7) Spent

Task 2


Task 3

The main character of the story Eleven by Sandra Cisneros is Rachel, a ten years old girl that was turning eleven. This girl was very immature, shy, not self-confidence, she feel that she was little and innocent,. However, she had mature thoughts. Rachel, could not say to the teacher that the sweater did not belong to her. So, in consequence of that, she had to put on the itchy and ragged red sweater.

Later on, the main character of the story “A message from the pigman” is Eric, a six year old kid that feels that he was older because when he had to take the trash to the pigman, Eric wasn’t scared. He was innocent, because he did not understand why his father doesn’t live with Donald and his mother, and when he asked to her moher, she did not give the answer to him.

They both are little kids, they are innocent and have mature thoughts. But Eric isn’t shy or immature, he was like an old kid that wasn’t scared of the pigman when he had to take the trash out to him.

Task 4

sensible- puzzling- tingle-clatter-seize-drag-nod-gurgle-

Eric: Hi, sir. My mom told me to drag this bucket to you. It contains organic food. This is what you came for?

Pigman: Hi kid. Thank you, yes I collect the food from all the houses. I collect the food and then I give it to my pigs.

Eric: Ooh, I thought that you eat it. I did not know that you had pigs.

Pigman: Yes, I love pigs! But why your mom didn’t come with you?

Eric: Yes, I know. My mother tell me to come and I nodded, because I wanted to meet you and also becauseshe was cooking. I thought that you were a monster.

Pigman: A monster? I am a low class man. But not a monstar. Why don’t you come with me? I will be collecting buckets of food until 6pm.

Eric: Ok. I will tell my mom. I think that I made a sensible decision. Now I am going to know about you and tell the other kids that you are not a monster that you are a real man that love pigs.

Pigman: Now, let go. We have a long way and then I will take you home again.

Eric: Good for me! Lets go.

Pigman: Do you want to ask me anything?

Eric: Yes! Do you are marry or have any kids?

Pigman: No, my only love are the pigs. And I am not thinking of having any kid. Tell me about you. I want to know you a little bit more.

Eric: Okey. I am six years old. I live with my mother and his boyfriend, Donald. But I don’t understand why my father can’t live with me in the same house.

Pigman: Ask your mom, she has the answer. I am not going to tell you.

Eric: Okey…but when I ask she not answer. Ask me anything you want to know.

Pigman: I notecied that you are a mature kid and you have mature thought also. Is Donald a good man?

Eric: Yes, but obviously I prefer my daddy. He is my dad. Can we return to my house? It is getting dark.

Pigman: Yes, come.

Eric: Thank you, Pigman. I really enjoy talking to you.

Pigman: Me too, kid. See you again next week.

Chapter 19 – QUESTIONS

Chapter 19

Make an evaluation on the chapter. Include between 7-10 questions NOT including any of the end of  chapter 19 or the one found along the chapter. Pair work.


  1. Make a chart comparing continuous and discontinuous variation.
  2. Define mutation.
  3. What was the purpose of  Darwing’s theory??.
  4. Define  discontinuous variation.
  5. Give 3 examples of genetic variation.
  6. Develop two causes of genetic variation and give one example of each.
  7. Develop : different types of variations and give one example of each.
  8. Difine xerophytes and genotype.