Artwork analysis


          For this artwork I was inspired by Bordalo II, who is a talented Portuguese artist who creates, recreates, assembles and develops ideas with end-of-life material, trash. In this way he relates us to sustainability, ecological and social awareness, like pollution. 

          I decided to collect trash, like papers, pencils, pens…etc. As Bordalo works with animals, I decided to represent in my work how trash can kill animals, by choosing a turtle. I painted a cardboard with blue/black paint to copy the color from the sea. Later on, I draw the turtle in a separate piece of paper and pasted on the cardboard. In the artwork, the sea and trash are consuming the turtles body, training to kill her. This shows how much animals suffer everyday because of contamination and humans. We are the ones that kill animals by throwing trash incorrectly or consuming plastics.

This is my work:         


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