One of the activities we did since the year begins, was called “Art as a form of creation”. It is the final project, it consist on investigate and describe a topic that each choose. I chose “Animal Slaughter”, it is extremely important for me because of the suffering of animal and the entire world, which receives all the consequences that humans produce. By killing them. We started searching for information in class and then we finished on our houses, then Pat, would corrected from our blogs. This is my project: Animal Slaughter.


I decided to write about this topic because animals has a very important place in my life, I always lived animals but I continue eating them, being selfish to myself. I don’t tried to change other people opinions, because everybody have their thoughts and opinions about animal slaughter. I believed that we should stop killing and consuming them because of the sufferment, the harsh attentions they receive, because of the water consumption and ourselves. Moreover, by including this in my portfolio, I believe that the one who read it will consider it important and interesting. It was easy to investigate and write about because I’m into the topic and also because I follow many accounts that talk and show video about the importance of the animal slaughter. 


Finally, as I said, this is connected to my everyday life.My parents consume meat and other animal products, I don’t blame them, but they tried to changed my mind on eating an animal, and that is what bothers me the most. They tried to change my mind while I didn’t. Animals are important to our planet, because of water and oxygen, many people don’t understand, however, the other ones like the vegetarians and vegans, do. The solution to save our wonderful planet is to take care of it. This is why, it should be in my portfolio, because I can connect my personal life with works from class that maybe they have nothing in common, but I can connect them.


Moreover, I would loved to write more about Animal Slaughter because I think that is a topic in which humans should be focus on. Many people say that they want to take care of the planet, but it not only consist on recycling or stopr consuming plastics, which is also very important, but animal slaughter consumes a lot of water and oxygen from our planet, and also animals. They are mistreated as they were useless, animals are such like us, they can feel. They suffer. 


On the other hand, focusing on my skills and work in general, I think that I improved a lot since last year. Now that I’m reading a lot, I acquire a lot of vocabulary and grammar. Besides, for the next work like this one, I will try to include more information and not doing it so long. 


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