Portfolio: Virginia Woolf

The  Lady In The Looking Glass

In the last literature class we read the Lady in the Looking Glass, a story written by Virginia Woolf. In her story, she conveys a vividly image of the reflection of herself. Her real self, which was the inside of the house and the outside of the house, the garden, which represents her superficial side. The garden was  full of colourful flowers and trees, besides, the inner of the house was dark, destroyed. 


After reading the story, we answer six questions in pairs. Then,  we analysed the text through them and at the end we draw a perception of the house. The inside and the outside. By answering the questions it was useful to completely understand the message that Woolf wanted to transmit in her story. The imagery and message are both the strong items that she conveys. So, by drawing and answering questions, we could learn and increased the knowledge of the story.


I select this experience to talk about, because I consider extremely interesting the story. How a woman in the victorian society lived and had to hide herself by letters or tried to reflect herself through a mirror. Also, because she compare and goes deep into the contrast with the house and the symbol of darkness. This sample should be included in my portfolio, because it shows the strengths and the weaknesses of women through a literary poem when thay couldn’t be completely free. 


Furthermore, If we could have more time, I would probably work better in the drawing. Try to show better in a more sub-realistic way her life. However, we analyse very deep the questions and dedicate time so that the answers could be reflected in the drawing. I loved this piece of work, specially because we convey literature with art, because is another way in which we, humans, can express ourselves in different styles. 

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