“Love in a Life” Robert Browning: Portfolio

Portfolio: “Love in a Life”, Robert Browing

In pairs, we choose one poem from section four from the “Songs of Ourselfs”, our literature poem book. With Bianca Ieraci, we decided to analize “Love in a life” by Robert Browing, obviously we didn´t know what the poem was it about, so when we started reading it, we knew what we fall completely for it. Actually, when we finished Reading the poem, we instantly knew that there were too many things and aspect to analize, mainly the title. Furthermore, we had a list of different ítems that we had to focus on, this ones were for example, literary devices, the title, symbols, the voice…etc.

This is our complete presentation about the poem written by Robert Browing, it is about a man, posibbly himself, looking to his love. He states that he won’t care about the woman’s past because there is so much of her to explore and learn. He writes this because he looked into the past of his former lovers too much and it caused problems in his present and future.

It was a pleasure to read a piece of poetry from this excellent writter who can perfectly describe and make readers want to continue Reading until the end to know if he finally finds his lover. Morover, after doing this presentation and analyzing his love story, I realized that we could focus deeper in the poem. However, in my opinión i thins that is complete.

One way in which we can connect this man´s love story with real life, is the way in which he looks despertly for this woman, we think. Nowadays people want money and love because if we have money and not love from our families and Friends, why do we need too much money if it doesn´t fullfil our heart? It is a trival questions, because the mayorty of people prefers love before money, don´t you?

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