Picture Poetry

Picture Poetry

5 nouns:


  • Light
  • Reflection
  • Mirrors
  • Shadows
  • Movement


5 verbs:


  • Turning
  • Moving
  • Flying
  • Joining
  • Spinning
  • Burning


5 adjective:


  • Black
  • White
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Silver


Metaphor: “Spinning and turning the feelings are burning” 


Simile: “As hot as hell, trying to tell”


Symbol: “Fire” “Gold”


Fire Alive


“Love is the centre of the universe,

that might be a weakness,

that might disappear,

that hold you tied until you breath and feel alive.


Breaking the chains that hold you tied.

As hot as hell, trying to escape.

Trying to run, from your heart, to the sky.

Until you fell to your knees that had been bleeding from the start.


Spinning and turning the feelings are burning,

like fire mirrors joining together.

Nothing changed, everything’s the same,

feelings flying from heaven far away.


We are broken boys singing a serenade, that exclaims that everything is creep as a black hole where sun scapes.


We are the only one who knows that the world might stop, cause we know that we don’t own our own mind. 

I’m not trying to go to the other side; to paradise”


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