Literary Periods

Task 1: Read and investigate

Literary periods

Literary periods and movements

Task 2: Prepare a timeline

Task 4: Which 3 periods do you like best? Explain why.

The three periods I like the mosts are the Romantic period, The Renaissance and Reformation period and The Enlightenment (Neoclassical) Period. To begin with, the Romantic period I consider that is one of the most beautiful and poetic in literature. Romantic poets wrote about nature, imagination, and individuality in England, Jane Austen in one of the most famous classical poet, who wrote some of the most recognize books in history, like “Pride and Prejudice”, “Jane Air” and “Sense and Sensibility”. Also, in this period the Gothic elements and writings, which I consider that are wonderful and a very deep literature, became one of the main genre. 

Moreover, during the The Renaissance and Reformation period, wonderful writers such as Shakespeare, marked Queen Elizabeth’s reign by his work. Clearly, besides this huge meaning, Shakespeare’s poetry it’s that perfect that cant be describe. 

Finally, The Enlightenment (Neoclassical) Period, where it increased influence of Classical literature upon these centuries and the reverence for logic and disdain for superstition. This ideas to reveal and create new logics in such a difficult time. I find it very interesting and revolutionary, but what i love the mosts, it’s that it wasn’t a war, it was through words, rhymes and letters. Poets and authors revealed their point of view of politics through their literature. 

To conclude, in my opinion, this periods where the most marvellous and magnificent  in literature. Nowadays, literature it is not as classical as it was, it’s different, though, it make sense to me. I would like to analyse, “The Lonely Hearts Hotel”, which embrace gothic elements and it is placed during the Depression in Canada and United States. 

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