Portfolio-Tutorials 2020



Here you have 15 famous paintings. Choose 10 and create your picture story.

The activity consisted of writing a collaborative story between four members based on famous paintings. We were free to decide the background and the continuity. We connected ideas and thought of the development of the story. They were part of my group: Juan Elia, Lucia Caviligone and Bianca Ieraci. 

I believe that writing, creating and thinking a short story in groups it’s one of the best activities we did in tutorials. I learned how to combine ideas, how to write in parallel to another member and to leave my ideas and proud aside so that the story could be perfect in the end. Also, each of us gave their best effort while writing and in grammar so that we could have an interesting story as a result, we divided the paintings (three per person) and we had to continue writing from the paragraph the other wrote, obviously following the thread of the story. 

Moreover, I consider my writing and ideas were pretty accurate and correct, I think that I did a very good job, and I’m proud of it. It was kind of limited space to put all of my ideas because there were three more members, but it was one of the best activities Pato assigned us. She did everything perfectly! Nothing to add or complain. By saying this, I would like to thank her for this task that was one of the last one we did in Tutorials. I’m very grateful to be here and have the opportunity to grow with her. 

Belen Brito Peret.