Passive Voice Lesson

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-When to use a passive

-How to form a passive


  • The novel was read by Mom in one day.
  • A movie is going to be watched by us tonight.
  • Instructions will be given to you by the director.
  • All the reservations will be made by the wedding planner.
  • The Grand Canyon is viewed by thousands of tourists every year.
  • The baby was carried by the kangaroo in her pouch


The Haunted House Story

The Haunted House        


It was a damp, chilly and dark day in Russia when Clare eventually left her old and scared house. As soon as she stepped outside, feeling that something strange was about to happen. When she started walking, Clare smelled a strange fragrance that she had smelled before but suddenly she stopped. Clare was a very special witch that was very aggressive, impatient mean. She knows very well the fragrance of one special witch that she had hated for a long time.

A few minutes later, Clare arrived to her magic tree, this tree was very special because she made extraordinary potions to hunt animals, insects and humans but a long time ago she prepared a particular position to Lindsay that was her enemy, was a fantastic witch that all the wizards love. While she was elaborating a potion, Lindsay appeared, and hunted her. She transformed her in a black and very scared cat, that any kid will be frightened.

Later on, Clare was walking on the street and three little kids, Luke, Tom and Logan started approaching to her, they were fanatics of cats. When she tried to escape one of the little kids, Luke stopped her  and catched her. These children were lovely. The first boy was called Logan, he had blond hair ,blue eyes and he had thick lips. Also he was generous and friendly.

The second boy was called Luke. He had curly and brown hair, puffy cheeks, and oval face. He also was very interesting and patient. The third and last one boy was called Tom. He had thick eyebrows and oval face. Also he was interesting and easy-going. They took care of her while she was a cat. Clare was always trying to escape but she couldn’t.

One day she could escape but the other witch, Lindsay found her and she locked her in a dark room with a lot if bats suddenly Clare remembered that when she went to the tree she haunted the bat so she did the same with all this bats. After a lot of time she could haunt the bat and could scaped from this dark room. She ran to her tree and drank a potion that she had made, she could be a human again, she felt safe.

In conclusion, Clare was very scared of the kids because maybe she could never go away anymore. Finally, looking back at what happened she always feel a sense of fear or awe. But then again, witches life is like that, isn´t it?

Description Mrs.Foster

I met Mrs.Foster 2 years ag, we are neighbours. I came to this neighbourhood and I saw her satanding out side of my new house ans she say me that she has cooked a pie for me.

I think that she has curly hair, an oval face, white hair, hollow eyes, thick lips, pole complexion, wrinkled face and she is crook. Mrs.Foster always wears yellow dresses, formal shoes, beutiful jewerly and an old pair of glasses.

She is very anxious, obsesive, loyal, elegant, respectful, inteligent, samrt, impatient, pesimistic and also helpful. Mrs.Foster loves reading novels, to weave, visit her daughter, plays carts games, however, she doesn’t like going to the club with her husband.

In addition, I think that she is a beautiful woman, very pretty and also friendly. Since the day I moved in, we were very good friends. I love seeing her when she is reading her favorite novel.